About Us

UltraWords™ is my wordsmithing business.

I’m a wordsmith—and a recovering lawyer—and my name is Jonathan Westwood.

(That’s me above, with UltraWords™ Senior Vice President in charge of Impatient Eating and Strategic Napping, Charlie Westwoof.)

I love writing about everything except myself, as this page will demonstrate.

Since first hooking up to the Internet in 1993, more than 750,000 of my words have been published on websites of all shapes and sizes.

That’s in addition to talking my way through more than 3,000 hours of live radio presentation, and drafting tens of thousands of legal documents.

After 20 years abusing the English language as a lawyer, I now try to use my way with words for good rather than evil.

I write books, film and television screenplays, blogs and magazine articles. I’ve won several awards for my writing down the years, including multiple awards from The Daily Telegraph for my writing and editing and—yes, I can’t deny it—even a national poetry competition.

Among other things, I was commissioned to write the 2015 feature film He Who Dares: Downing Street Siege and the forthcoming US TV series No Easy Days. Producers have invested around $10 million in words I’ve written. (Yeah, it surprised me, too.)

Why I created UltraWords™

Of more relevance to this website, though, I’m also a business writing wordsmith, copy-editor, proofreader and business writing consultant.

In 2014 I became one of the first Content Marketers certified by the prestigious Copyblogger website.

I call myself a wordsmith rather than a copywriter, because there’s more to business writing nowadays than just writing copy for ads.

Website copy, email newsletters, blogs, promotional brochures, sales letters, user manuals, tender responses, training materials, speeches, presentations…

Businesses need language support in many different ways.

They need more—and more high quality—content than ever before.

And that’s where UltraWords™ and I can help.

Although I’m happy to work with clients on a one-off basis, the best business writing comes when a writer and a business know each other well and collaborate closely.

I’m passionate about the quality of my work. To produce my very best I need to know what my clients do, how they do it, and who they do it for.

There are untold thousands of copywriters on the Web.

And if all you want are some quick, cheap and dirty words, sites like Fiverr® will serve you well.

But in that case I’m not the man for you. I’m not a monkey, so I’m afraid I don’t work for peanuts.

(Full disclosure: I sometimes work for peanuts for non-profit organisations. So if you represent one, please don’t be afraid to ask.)

Bespoke patter, or off-the-peg words?

Writing’s like anything else: as a general rule of thumb, you get what you pay for.

But in any event it’s not about the cost.

It’s about the return on investment.

Buying top-notch business writing services is like making any other investment in your business.

Every smart businessperson would invest £1 to generate income of £10.

The even smarter businessperson invests £10 knowing that higher quality raw materials will yield much higher incomes in the long run.

The (far from outrageous) cost of my wordsmithing services pales into insignificance with the value my words can add to your bottom line.

These days, you get just a few seconds to make your first impression.

What happens if your potential customer doesn’t see something worth her time and attention?

She’ll click back to Google—before heading for your competitor’s website.

Or she’ll bin your expensively-printed brochure.

UltraWords™—satisfaction guaranteed

UltraWords’™ words attract, connect and convert. Simple as that.

And, if you hire me, I’ll stand foursquare behind that statement by assuming all the risk.

If you’re not totally happy with my work when I deliver it, simply tell me. We’ll work together to improve it until you are satisfied.

And if for some bizarre reason I can’t manage that, you won’t have to pay a penny (or a cent, if you use funny money).

(Obviously that means you won’t be able to use my words, but fair’s fair.)

That guarantee is in UltraWords’™ contract, so it’s a cast-iron promise.

And to demonstrate my track record, you can check out a whole bunch of genuine client testimonials here.

In the immortal words of Canned Heat, Let’s Work Together

Have a look around.

If you’d like a no obligation chat about how UltraWords™ might be able to help you, please get in touch.

I don’t bite.

(Unless you ask me to…)